in Baghdad and in Erbil The Guardian , Friday 27 June 2014   Iraq ‘s leader, Nouri al-Maliki, has welcomed Syrian jets bombing near a border post lost by his forces to insurgents , in a rare strike against the jihadist group Isis that also occupies much of northern Syria . Maliki acknowledged that a series of attacks on Tuesday targeting the Islamic State in Iraq and the [...]

by | 29th Jun 2014

Kurdistan Regional Government to compensate families of Khor Mor victims Fazel Hawramy, April 4, 2014   Hawlati newspaper published an [...]

by | 4th Apr 2014

  Updated on March 8, As Kurdistan oil and gas makes a buzz across the world attracting all sorts of [...]

by | 4th Mar 2014

Fazel Hawramy for Al-Monitor, 3 November 2013 SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — Mohammad Karimi was driving his car between two towns in [...]

by | 3rd Nov 2013