Fazel Hawramy for Al-Monitor , January 29, 2015 For Ibtisam, a 15-year-old Yazidi girl, the six months after the Islamic State (IS) attacked her hometown could not have been crueler. Her mother and three younger sisters were taken from the village of Tel Qasab, near Sinjar, as spoils of war by the extremists, who control territory […]

by | 29th Jan 2015

Fazel Hawramy in the Qandil mountains, 29 December 2014 The Guardian Iraq must remain a united country in order to defeat the jihadis […]

by | 29th Dec 2014

Fazel Hawramy on Mount Sinjar The Guardian , 22 December 2014     Kurdish peshmerga forces backed by US-led air strikes pushed Islamic State […]

by | 22nd Dec 2014

 in Irbil, Shalaw Mohammed in Kirkuk and  The Guardian , Wednesday 19 November 2014   Islamic State has consolidated its grip on oil […]

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