in Irbil, Shalaw Mohammed in Kirkuk and  The Guardian , Wednesday 19 November 2014   Islamic State has consolidated its grip on oil supplies in Iraq and now presides over a sophisticated smuggling empire with illegal exports going to  Turkey , Jordan and Iran, according to smugglers and Iraqi officials. Six months after it grabbed vast swaths of territory, […]

by | 21st Nov 2014

 in Tuz Khormato and  The Guardian , 12 Nov 2014   In the Iraqi village of Salam, a Shia Muslim volunteer – […]

by | 17th Nov 2014

Rowena Mason, political correspondent, and   in Irbil Britain’s defence secretary, Michael Fallon, has promised UK troops will be sent to […]

by | 6th Nov 2014

The Guardian, 29 Oct 2014, in Istanbul, in Erbil and More than 200 Iraqi peshmerga and Free Syrian Army soldiers […]

by | 30th Oct 2014