The Guardian, 29 Oct 2014, in Istanbul, in Erbil and More than 200 Iraqi peshmerga and Free Syrian Army soldiers are headed for the besieged town of Kobani to reinforce fighters who have held off Islamic State (Isis) for weeks in a battle that has become a crucial test for both sides. The new troops [...]

by | 30th Oct 2014

Special report: Narrative of peshmerga uniting to fight Isis is splintering as factional feuds and pay rows threaten quest for Kurdish [...]

by | 8th Sep 2014

in Baghdad and in Erbil The Guardian , Friday 27 June 2014   Iraq ‘s leader, Nouri al-Maliki, has welcomed Syrian jets bombing [...]

by | 29th Jun 2014

Kurdistan Regional Government to compensate families of Khor Mor victims Fazel Hawramy, April 4, 2014   Hawlati newspaper published an [...]

by | 4th Apr 2014