Kurdistan Regional Government to compensate families of Khor Mor victims Fazel Hawramy, April 4, 2014   Hawlati newspaper published an investigation  on the 3rd of March about the Khor Mor explosion of 22 June 2012 in which five people were badly injured and died within 16 days of the incident. According to the report by Hawlati, [...]

by | 4th Apr 2014

  Updated on March 8, As Kurdistan oil and gas makes a buzz across the world attracting all sorts of [...]

by | 4th Mar 2014

Fazel Hawramy for Al-Monitor, 3 November 2013 SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — Mohammad Karimi was driving his car between two towns in [...]

by | 3rd Nov 2013

In early 1988, something terrible was happening in the mountains of northern Iraq. In the Chamchamal area, where a 12-year-old [...]

by | 3rd Sep 2013