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Fazel Hawramy for al-monitor , 26 July 2013 SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — At the last checkpoint on the road leading into the Iraqi [...]

By Fazel Hawramy for Al-Monitor , June 29 The brutalization of Turkish society by the Turkish security forces for most of [...]

 Fazel Hawramy, Kurdishblogger.com, Wednesday, 26 June 2013   The European Parliament on 12 June passed the new Accounting and Transparency Directives which enhances the [...]

Slemani, 23 May 2013,  Awene Newspaper in Iraqi Kurdistan has conducted an interview (May 21) with Haji Hussein who is one of [...]

Fazel Hawramy, Slemani   On Tuesday night (2nd of April), I went for a long walk with a friend in Slemani [...]

Fazel Hawramy, Thursday 4 October 2012 Last week on Tuesday (25 Sept) I attended the hearing of six Kurdish political [...]

Fazel Hawramy, the Guardian , Friday 14 September 2012 Turkey has put 44 Kurdish journalists on trial this week in what Reporters [...]

  The Guardian , Fazel Hawramy, Thursday 26 July 2012 Almost unnoticed last week, as attention focused on battles in Damascus, Kurdish [...]

  The Guardian , Fazel Hawramy Wednesday 18 July 2012 15.43 BST Three human rights organisations have called on the Iranian authorities [...]

The day on the 13th of July 1989 was the ‘the day of sacrifice’ in Islamic calendar. One of the [...]