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On Monday 17th October, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei visited the Kurdish town of Paveh as part […]

This little boy (pictured left) who can not be more than about six years old, is engrossed in watching a […]

By Fazel Hawramy, the Guardian Erdogan’s government must engage with Kurdish political parties and the PKK if it is serious about resolving […]

In response to an on-going investigation by kurdishblogger into the way Iran executes people charged with drug offences, Claude Moraes, […]

This week both Iran and the US demonstrated their mutual conviction for the death penalty. Over a 24 hour period […]

By Fazel Hawramy, Kurdishblogger.com Iran has executed at least 42 people for drug-related offences as part of its counter narcotic […]

The British Foreign Secretary last night reassured Iranian people that the human rights situation in Iran is an ‘important issue’ […]

Iran has hanged another five men for drug related offences in the northern city of Semnan, according to the provincial judiciary . […]